Such a Girl: A Novel by Karen V. Siplin
Once upon a time, a girl named Kendall loved a boy named Jack.  But Kendall 's friends thought the dark, brooding boy wasn't good enough for the sweet, sunshiny girl.  So Kendall listened to her friends, and broke the boy's heart.  Years later the boy became a very successful businessman and reappeared in their lives.  When Kendall sees the man Jack has become, she begins to realize that she is still such a girl.  A girl who never took chances.  A girl who always did what was safe and easy.  And that girl is stuck in a rut.

Somewhere along the line, Kendall gave up on her dreams.  She goes through the motions, pretending everything is fine.  She even thinks she's happy until Jack's return forces her to take a closer look.  She spends her days as a hotel operator, abused by overly pampered guests and fellow hotel workers.  She's afraid to love again, so she spends her time in a relationship she knows will go nowhere.  Even the comfort of her home has been spoiled by inconsiderate neighbors.  Nothing seems to be going her way.

Jack can tell Kendall isn't happy, and he's disappointed.  She's not the girl he remembers.  His newfound status and confidence make Kendall even more defensive and uncomfortable.  No one is quite sure why Jack has decided to make himself a part of their lives again, and Kendall is definitely getting mixed signals.  Did he come back only to gloat, or does he hope he's now good enough for the girl he once loved so much?

Such A Girl is a story about life's ironies, first loves, social hierarchies, and people trying to find their way.  It's also a lesson about judging others.  Second chances don't always come along, so we should try to get it right the first time.

About the author:  Karen V. Siplin has a degree in film production from CUNY's Hunter College .  She is an active member in the John Oliver Killens Writers Workshop and New York Celebrity Assistants.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York .

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